“Boško Buha” remains in public ownership

Boško Buha monument on Jabuka mountain; Photo: Pinki / Wikipedia

The memorial complex “Boško Buha”, located on Jabuka mountain near the town of Prijepolje, has been exempted from the bankruptcy estate of “Putnik”, a company which will be put on sale at the end of February.

The public has been informed about the exemption of the memorial complex from the bankruptcy estate through public notifications printed in daily magazines Politika and Novosti.

As the representatives of the Bankruptcy supervision agency, which had previously announced the sale of the company, stated for Mašina, the memorial complex was exempt from the sale because of the “big publicity of the case”.

Earlier this month the public had learned that the memorial centre “Boško Buha”, the wooden building of the Museum of pioneers and youth, the Cultural centre with adjacent pavilions, the former hotel and the land the named buildings are situated have been put on sale together with the rest of the property of the bankrupted “Putnik” company from Prijepolje.

In this case the pressure from the public yielded results, so that the memorial complex which has been recognized and protected as a monument of culture, and which had been funded by donations from the children and youth of Yugoslavia, will remain in public property.


Translation from Serbian: Iskra Krstić

This article was originally published in Serbian on Feb 21, 2019.


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