Who has a problem with artists?

During the past weeks we have witnessed a continuity of possibly thoroughly premeditated attacks on artists in Serbia, provoked not exclusively by artwork, but also by the artists’ efforts to break the deadlock of problems concerning their social and labour status.

Only the state has the right to destroy and threaten? The “war by statements” and a continued pressure on cultural and artistic institutions

The events related to the violent interruption of the “Boys” (Momci) group exhibition, which was held in “Stara Kapetanija” gallery during the weekend as a part of the “New Age” festival, gained a new twist when the Ministry of Culture and Information published a statement in which it condemned violence against the exhibition, but also the exhibition itself. This prompted public reactions of a number of professional associations and cultural institutions, and a protest rally in support of the “Boys” group and the Stara Kapetanija.