Serbian Right became part of the government in Vranje

Photo: Srpska desnica / Facebook

The citizen group United for Vranje (Jedinstveni za Vranje) signed an agreement and thus became 22nd organisation that joined the Serbian Right, extreme right nationalist organisation. This made the organisation led by Miša Vacić part of the government in the south of Serbia.

Miša Vacić, the president of the Serbian Right and Borivoje Antić, the president of the United for Vranje, signed the agreement yesterday. Until now, the United for Vranje participated in the government as part of the SPS (Serbian Socialist Party) list. Since they have signed the agreement on joining the Serbian Right, from now on the organisation will have two representatives in the local government in Vranje.

The Serbian Right was created last year. Miša Vacić, the former president of the 1389 Movement, was unanimously elected as president at the founding conference.

1389 Movement was a far-right wing organisation which organised a series of violent actions against LGBT population. They took part in the demonstrations Kosovo Is Serbia when the American Embassy in Belgrade was set on fire as well as in rallies that supported Radovan Karadžić and Ratko Mladić, convicted by the Hague Tribunal for the war crimes.

At the end of September 2009, at the initiative of Ministry of Justice, the Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office announced that it will ask the Constitutional Court of Serbia to ban the 1389 Movement. However, that ban was never made effective.

Vacić was found guilty of spreading discrimination against LGBT population, having weapons and obstructing an enforcement officer in the discharge of their official duties. Regardless of that, he worked in the Office for Kosovo and Metohija as an advisor to Marko Đurić.

His connections to the government are often in the centre of public attention. Minister of labour, employment, veterans and social affairs Zoran Đorđevič, his advisor and other people who are close to the government were at the premier of the film “Miša“ (about Miša Vacić and his work).


Translation from Serbian: Jelena Mandić

This article was originally published in Serbian on May 21, 2019.



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