Support rally for Afrin in Belgrade

Support rally for Afrin in Belgrade; Photo: Ana Vuković / Mašina

Several dozen of men and women participated today in Belgrade protest which was organized as a part of the global day of action and international solidarity with Afrin. 

“Erdogan – murderer” and “Free Kurdistan” are some of the slogans protesters were chanting in front of the Turkish Embassy in Belgrade. At the same time, banners directed messages of support for Afrin, as well as messages against fascism and militarism.

Many of our friends have died: in the course of only four days around 500 bombs were dropped on Afrin. When the center of Afrin was surrounded from all sides, it had a million inhabitants locked within the circle. They took out the civilians, stealing and scorching everything. And there is evidence for everything. And in the meantime, no help or relief arrived to town – stated one of the participants of the protest for Mašina.

Turkish army and its jihadist allies have been attacking Afrin since January this year, and neither NATO – military alliance which Turkey is a member of, nor Russia – which is one of the key military actors in the region, have protested this crime.

For our comrades in Syria it is not only important that the public knows what is happening, but also to see that they have support and that they are not alone – stated one of the protesters.

The rally also presented a demand to the Serbian government – insisting that it should stop cooperation with Turkey – a state that is, effectively, committing a criminal act. This was confirmed by a participant of the protest:

We demand from the Serbian government to stop cooperation with criminals, to stop cooperating with people that are committing genocide, to stop cooperation with jihadists.

The protest in Belgrade was organized by 7zahteva movement and it was backed by numerous organizations and individuals.


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